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We have a Trustee Opening

Although any New Ipswich resident may be a candidate, trustees should have a strong interest in the library and its welfare. Every potential trustee must understand that being a library trustee is an ongoing job; he or she should be willing to commit more than just a few hours a month at a meeting. A trustee must be willing to learn about library service and fully participate in fulfilling the responsibilities of the position. A strong background in legal skills would be appreciated but not necessary.


If you're interested, please reach out to us through our contact form.

Board Members

To contact any trustee, please use our contact form.

Brenda Pellerito


Kim Black




Shelly Zinsmeister


Sue Hadley-Bulger


Gretchen Rae


Mitchell Gluck


Friends of
the Library

We welcome all your interests and efforts to help the library flourish in New Ipswich. Don't have the time to be a Trustee but want to contribute to the health and wealth of our programs?

Contact us to see about becoming a Friend!

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